Hello, Working Girl: Amy Heart of Sports With A. Heart


Sports With A. Heart Have you ever dreamed of a career in radio and broadcasting? Meet Amy Heart, the voice and talent behind popular sports radio show "Sports With A. Heart." Although Amy wasn't initially on the career path to hosting a radio show, she worked hard toward attaining her passion as her line of work. Now, Amy travels frequently to broadcast at sporting events, and regularly chats with well-known athletes as a part of her job. Want to learn more about what it takes to excel in sports broadcasting? Read on! 

Q: What is your background in radio and broadcasting, and when did sports radio first spark your interest?

A: I actually don't have a degree in broadcasting. I got my degree in biology and chemistry. When I graduated from college I worked for big biotech companies doing research and launching nine preventative vaccines for children. It was an amazing career, but I always felt like I wanted to do something different. I was always a huge sports fan growing up and had many friends who were athletes, so I decided to start a blog and online show just for fun.  It was more of a hobby until my following became huge and Fox Sports asked me to have my own show. That is when my entire life changed and I made decisions based on my desire rather than security. I took a massive leap of faith and It paid off big time.

Q: Give us insight into what a day in the life at Fox Sports 920 and Sports With A. Heart is like – a lot of interview scheduling, interviews and editing?

A: I am in studio recording five days a week. When I am not recording, it is all about the events, updates and show content.  I do a lot of traveling and hosting for a variety of sporting events. I just got back from Arizona doing all the interviews for spring training. It was really incredible because I got to spend time with all the Royals players and World Series champs, the Giants. It is such a thrill to be able to chat one on one with each of these guys and really get to know the Heart of the player. This is what my show @Sportswaheart is all about!

Q: Why do you think it’s important that sports players are viewed as more than a number on a jersey, or someone that we admire and root for in the stands?

A:  I have to say sports are the one thing that really brings people from all backgrounds together. People love to feel loyalty to a player or team. They feel a deep connection that is like nothing else. It is a role model they look up to and want to feel as though the support they provide means something. Getting to know the authentic person behind the helmet or mask is what it is all about. Talent is one thing, but integrity, humbleness and character are what makes us love our athletes and teams so much!

Q: How do you stay organized and focused during a busy work week, and how do you brainstorm future show segments? 

A: The key is to have really supportive, positive people around you that want you to succeed. It is the absolute truth that when you have a job you love, it is so much fun every day! I am blessed to have the most creative, intelligent and wildly, fun team that inspires me to be fabulous each and every day of my life. We have a blast creating, researching and cultivating new ideas for my show! It's a fantastic collaboration of creative energy with a little pinch of snarky fun.

Q: For other women seeking a fulfilling career in the radio and broadcast industry, what skills can they begin honing today for a successful future?

A: The best advice I can give is to follow your heart when going after your dreams. So many people come across criticism or rejection and they give up. You have to have a brilliant sense of humor and be able the shake off the fairy dust! This honestly was one of the hardest roads I ever traveled but nothing has brought me more joy and desire to strive to become the person I have always dreamed of being. Find a person that you respect in the industry and emulate what they do! Surround yourself with people that believe in you and want to help you succeed. Make a list of goals and set a plan of action and time frame to achieve each one. Educate yourself consistently about the topic that interest you so you can be the cynosure in your field. Always have ebullience for your dream and never, ever give up!

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