Working Girl How-To: Building Your Brand With Pinterest


Working Girl How-To: Building Your Brand With Pinterest  

Just a place to save recipes and DIY projects, no longer. Pinterest has become a staple for brands and their social strategies, serving as a visual haven for brands to show their followers what they're all about.

Back in November 2014 when I began strategizing the January relaunch of That Working Girl, I quickly realized that Pinterest was the "weak link" of all of the site's social properties. Sure, I had a presence of the site, but not one that was well-thought-out or well-maintained. Over the last four months I've learned a ton about effectively managing a brand's presence on Pinterest, and how to boost your follower growth quickly.

Want in on a few secrets? Read on below!

Cross-promote on other social platforms. This might seem like a no-brainer to some, but other than a button on That Working Girl's sidebar, Pinterest wasn't a very talked-about platform. I experienced an impressive boost in followers simply by using Twitter's Pinned Tweet feature to advertise our Pinterest platform. Boom. Voila. An instant gain in 50 followers. Think about your strongest social platform – that's where you'll want to promote your weak link.

Working Girl How-To: Building Your Brand on Pinterest Pin every blog post and Instagram. The purpose of Pinterest is not only to build and share your brand's identity, but to also redirect users back to your site. For bloggers, making sure that you pin each and every blog post is key. For me, I have a structured process for blog posts once they go live. It looks a bit like this: email a link to the interviewee or contributor featured on the blog that day; scheduled Facebook post goes live; share on LinkedIn; tweet out the post; pin the post and all images associated with it; post story image to Instagram in the afternoon. Since consistently pinning all content that goes live on That Working Girl, I've noticed a spike in readership, all of which is coming from Pinterest in my referral metrics. Did you also know what you can pin Instagrams? I just recently started, but it's a great way to drive traffic to That Working Girl's Instagram account and to share more of my brand's identity. Simply find your account on, copy and paste your URL and you're ready to pin!

Working Girl How-To: Building Your Brand With Pinterest

Enable Pinterest Analytics for your account. Confession: until I worked in social full-time this last fall, I never really cared too much for metrics. Now, my full-time work lives and breathes by them and I love seeing results as a direct product of my effort! To enable Pinterest Analytics for your account, simply visit to enable them for your account. As a direct result of honing in on growing That Working Girl's Pinterest component of the brand in early 2015, you can see how it's paid off!

Working Girl How-To: Building Your Brand With Pinterest Create a vertical version of your blog post header image. This is something that I'm just now getting around to, but it might be the most important point made in this post. Images are better pinned in a vertical orientation than horizontal! That way, they don't get lost in the mix and stand out. With that being said, create vertical and horizontal images for your blog posts, so that at least one pin-able image is Pinterest optimized. It might seem like a pain when curating your blog posts' content, but end the long run it will pay off.

What are your best tips for effectively building and supporting your brand's presence on Pinterest? Leave your best tips in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!