#PRChat: How do you manage your time between multiple clients?

That Working GirlWe recently asked, and you answered! When it comes to rocking PR, knowing how to sufficiently manage and handle your clients is key. We chatted with two leading ladies in the industry, and also chipped in a bit of our own advice for managing your clients with ease.

Make prioritization a habit. Prioritize your tasks every morning. It's easy to fall into having "favorite" accounts, but when you learn to prioritize and schedule your time around your to-do list, it becomes much easier to devote the TLC needed to each and every account! •  Megan Fussell, blogger of Chasing Pradas and PR

Collaborate with teammates.  Agency life perk number one: the advantage of having a team. Team atmospheres mean employees can determine bandwidth and delegate deliverables. When I have too much on my plate, the quality of my work can suffer; therefore, when one account is more demanding that another, I communicate with my manager. Many PR people think they have to take on every single task that's given to them, but if you're privileged enough to work on a team that's not the case at all. Kathryn Stanley, Account Coordinator at Ketchum

Do the heavy lifting first. One thing that I've always stuck to when working with a full list of clients is doing the hardest work – the "heavy lifting, per se – first thing in the morning. Whether it's compiling a detailed media list of following up on RSVPs for an event, tackling your challenging tasks while you're fresh first thing in the morning will make the remainder of your day fly. Lindsay Shoemake, founder of That Working Girl – I just had to share!

What are your best tips for efficiently managing multiple client accounts at once? We'd love to hear your tips in a comment below, or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl