10 Essential Tips for Every Creative Marketing Manager

That Working GirlA few months ago, I was granted the amazing opportunity to come on as a Creative Marketing Manager for Made Eyewear, a start-up company specializing in customizable glasses and sunglasses. Through the twists and winds of it all, I’ve come to realize a few key things that are wildly important to being successful in the marketing field, and to being a successful manager.

 1. Planners, Google Calendars, and iPhone reminders are your BFFs. I’ve never been the most organized of gals, but working for a start-up company, specifically as the Creative Marketing Manager, I’ve learned that organization is vital to marketing success. More importantly it’s key to organize everything in several different ways to be able to see the big picture as well as account for daily events and last-minute changes. This is why planners, Google Calendars, and, of course, reminders are my best friends forever (and ever).

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2. Interns are angels sent from university heavens. The title says it all; start-up companies would not function without the help of interns, so always be respectful and treat your interns to lunch as often as budgets allows.

3. Photoshop is a way of life. This is still a toughie for me but even so, without a basic understanding of Photoshop and its use in graphic design, you might as well switch careers. Photoshop is one of the most important and useful tools in today’s world, and if you know how to navigate it (even if it’s just putting text on images), you will be that much better as your job and that much more valued. Moral of the story? Watch a couple how-to videos and follow along.

4. Your creative friends will become your gurus who you’ll depend on for advice. You know the types – the ones who always post the most creative Instagram pictures, whose wit is uncanny, and the ones who inspire you the most. Yes, these are the friends who will become your champions. They will be your secret weapons at work because any and all time spent with these creative geniuses will be productive, inspirational, and addicting… so cherish and spoil them with fancy cocktails and sporadic dessert outings.

5. It’s never just about one Instagram picture. Instagram is an art form, especially for marketing purposes. It’s delicate and powerful, and must be mastered to ensure your success. Remember, that it’s never just one Instagram picture, it’s the whole gallery… so make sure to create content guidelines and curate in advance.

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6. Puns are sexy. You might be asking, why? Well the simple answer is because they are short and clever and that is the key to captioning. Bring your wit forward and geek out. It’s very trendy, and not to mention, “ain’t no body got time for paragraphs” - Twitter taught us that.

7. Visuals are the even sexier counterpart. Words are important, but visuals are demigods. Visuals are what encapsulate your brand and enhance your story. Always handle with care, and never allow grainy or blurry images to populate your marketing content – it will only devalue all your hard work.

8. Breakfast is the most important thing you’ll make all day. This is probably the most important tip of all. Without a healthy, filling breakfast every morning, your productivity will wane and your creative brain cells will starve (probably). Caffeine alone won’t help you. Think of it as having a morning date with yourself…besides, breakfast foods are actually the best.

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9. What color that dress is. I had this realization the day this crazy debate surfaced—you need to know everything and anything that’s happening in the world at virtually all times. This way you’ll be able to insert your brand into the conversation and seize any and all opportunities for fresh and relevant content. The crazier the story or trend, the more rewarding it will be once you figure out a way to relate your brand to it.

10. Be bold & always find a way to have fun Think outside of the box, brainstorm often, and prioritize team bonding…especially happy hours. Having fun is to working as yeast is to bread – lack of fun will hinder growth and stagnate creativity.

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