Working Girl After Hours: A Home Tour

That Working Girl  

Welcome to my home, dear readers! After months and months of scouring Ikea and landing great deals on a few thrifted finds, I finally feel like my apartment has become a home. So take a look around and make yourself at home – below you'll find snippets of my humble abode!

That Working Girl With my space being just shy of 700 square feet, I knew that I wouldn't be able to fit a massive couch into my apartment and have room for other essentials, like my desk. Thanks to my newly acquired love seat, this was never an issue!

That Working Girl

Everyone needs a French Bulldog accent in their home someplace – it's mandatory. I love this catchall that I keep by my front door, which serves as a great place to drop my keys and sunglasses as soon as I get home.

That Working Girl I knew that I wanted a natural wood-inspired coffee table, and I was completely impressed by this bargain Ikea find. It's now home to my small, happy family of succulents!

That Working Girl It's not a productive workspace without a gallery wall! I like to keep my workspace minimal, with touches of what makes me happy.

That Working Girl Undoubtedly my favorite part of my home, my bed is simple and comfortable. No matter where I live in the future, my beloved painted antlers will always travel with me!

That Working Girl Paying homage to my hometown was necessary in my new city – I love this Atlanta print!

That Working Girl My Nate Berkus nightstand is one of my favorite pieces – thanks Target! Complete with gold-painted legs, it's a total winner in my book.

That Working Girl I recently picked up this oversized print at the local Goodwill, and it serves as a great piece of inspiration every morning as I'm getting dressed!

That Working Girl Isn't there something wonderful about kitchens? Although mine is a little small, I love that it's always filled with sunlight and gives me just enough space to cook throughout the week.

That Working Girl "Enjoy today" – great words to live by!

How is your home decorated, and how do you keep your place tidy throughout the week? Leave your comments and thoughts below, or tweet @HeyWorkingGirl