The Power of the Vision Board

That Working GirlA vision board is a great tool to help you focus on your main goals in life. It is a simple organization tool that relies on pictures and motivational words placed in a collage on a poster board. When you see things you want visually, it seems to stick in your head. Seeing images everyday that remind you of what you are working for pushes you to continue to go for it.

I like to look at it as a fitness pal that holds you accountable for attending yoga class or the gym. Seeing my vision board daily gives me power to continue working hard for my dreams and career.

A vision board brings out your crafty and creative side and can even bring out dreams you didn’t know you had as you sit there searching through magazines. This was my first year making a vision board, which incorporates my personal goals covering relationships, fitness, my career and even those inspire me – I have fallen in love with vision boards!

Vision boards bring affirmation that you are headed in the right direction. My vision board is placed on the inside of my closest door. When I get up every morning headed to decide on my outfit, I look at my vision board and it sets the mood for the day, reminding me of what I must do during that day to reach my goals. It also focuses my attention on what matters most to me.

It keeps me accountable of my goals. I made my vision board in January this year and included items that covered running and being more active. In February I completed my first 10K race. I feel accomplished every time I look at my vision board and see that something was fulfilled. It makes me want to work harder to accomplish other items on the board.

It can be a visual map directing your path for the year. A vision board becomes your road map of your life – at least for that set year. It will guide you without you even giving it that much thought. A simple look at it daily is all it takes, so get that stack of magazine, a poster board, scissors, glue and colorful pens and discover your vision as it comes to life!

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Erin Fulbright