Hello, Working Girl: Kendall Schoemann of Dipped in Yellow

Dipped in YellowMeet Kendall, founder of Denver-based life and style blog, Dipped in Yellow. Kendall has received media attention from the likes of The Everygirl (our favorite!) with her blog, and has worked hard to grow her online presence since she launched the blog a few years ago. Kendall dishes on what it takes to successfully blog, balancing her career in PR and more below!Q: What was your inspiration for starting Dipped in Yellow, and is there a special story behind the name of your blog?
A: I started blogging as a New Year's resolution during my first year in the working world as a way to express myself and grow in areas I wasn't being introduced to at my day job. Now quite challenged by my 9-to-5 in PR, I continue to blog because I find the personal rewards are endless. For example, I find blogging instills both confidence and humility, is creatively challenging and connects you to amazing likeminded souls.
The name simply represents inspiration. Like most blogs, I focus on the happy things in life that I'm passionate about. I wanted my blog to be a refreshing space where I could seek and share fashion, lifestyle, photography and writing inspiration. I've always thought the color yellow was such a positive, happy color. Thus, my blog is dipped in yellow!
Q: Dipped In Yellow is primarily fashion-based. What labels do you find yourself gravitating toward most, and how would you describe your personal style?
A: I definitely feel like I have a fashion blogger alter ego sometimes. When I first started blogging, I felt like all my looks had to be fancy and impeccably put together, which wasn't sustainable or me. Now I focus on pulling items that I already own and challenge myself to think of fresh and current ways to style them. The confidence and creativity I've explored through blogging definitely inspires me to be more bold and take more style risks.
I think I've honed my personal style through the process of blogging and I would describe it as classic, effortless and bold. I tend to gravitate toward timeless pieces- my go-tos are Madewell and Loft.
Q: Outside of blogging, you work full-time in PR! How do you think working in the media has lent itself to your blogging success and finesse?
A: Funnily enough, I never thought about how one would affect the other when I got started. But I do believe my success in both avenues are very much linked. I spend my days storytelling and pitching influencers and at night I'm the one reading pitches from brands. This has definitely helped me hone in on how to create the perfect pitch and build important connections. Also, working with bloggers is seamless and more authentic being one myself.
Working in both industries, I think it's so important to think about how each party wants to be perceived. Everyone has a story to tell and when you can help facilitate the right collaborations for mutual success and growth, that's a good feeling.Dipped in Yellow
Q: What are the top 3 “dream” brands that you’d like to collaborate with on Dipped in Yellow in the future?
A: While I love working with emerging brands and being introduced to new people, I would also love to work with the tried and true brands I've worn for years. For me, that would be Loft, Kate Spade and Lululemon (I'm addicted to yoga!).
Q: For ladies looking to start their own blogs, what advice would you have for beginning bloggers trying to find their niche?
A: Just start! You will never have all the answers, feel prepared enough or brave enough to do it perfectly. As scary as it might seem, you simply have to take the leap and then continue to evolve your brand, voice and influencer over time. The best and worst part about blogging, is that it is always evolving.
While this may sound obvious, be original and authentic in the relationships you make. A huge part of blogging is networking and people resonate best with real people who are genuine. It really does go a long way.Keep up with Kendall and Dipped in Yellow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!