Working Girl How-To: Rocking Social Media for Events

That Working Girl If you're a Social Media Manager like me, you'll most likely be tasked with planning a dynamic social media strategy for client events from time to time. If you've never supported an event with social media before, fear not! We're bringing you our sure-fire ways to make any event a success on social media, with a few quick and painless tips.

Every event should have its own hashtag. Hashtags are a great way to generate brand awareness, even before the day of the big event. Brainstorm 3-5 hashtag ideas and choose your favorite. Once your hashtag is chosen, begin implementing it in your social updates regarding the event 1-2 weeks ahead of time, so that attendees can familiarize themselves with it. Another tactic that I love to implement? Hand out small social media "cheat sheets" to event attendees, complete with your social media handles and event hashtag. Not only will this encourage on-site social sharing, but it will also allow attendees to learn more about your brand!

Get 'in the moment' with your content. For an event to be successfully supported on social, it's important that you're on site for the festivities. Let's say you're promoting a special wine dinner for your restaurant client – arrive early, ask for permission to snap Instagrams of the main dishes and wine pairings of the night, and begin to generate a bit of social media buzz before attendees arrive. Once the event is in full swing, step back, take in the big picture and share the major moments of the evening consistently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Search your event hashtags and geotags routinely. One big thing that I've learned about managing on-site social media for an event is that you'll find yourself with your head down in your phone – a lot! Make an effort to be equally engaged in the event itself as your are in your social media updates. One thing that I've found makes for easy event engagement on social media is by searching your event hashtag and geotags throughout the event – that way, you can engage with event attendees in the moment, making for an authentic user experience!

Always follow-up events with a report deck. The morning after the event, put together a brief deck to share the results of your social media strategy – include how many users implemented your event hashtag within their social updates, screenshots of notable Instagram, tweets from any influential attendees, etc. I've found that it's always smart to back up your efforts with proven data and results – this makes for a very happy client!

What are your top tips for generating on-site social media for events? Share your thoughts in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl