Working Girl How-To: Work from Home Efficiently

That Working Girl If you ever have to work from home (in your career or as a student), you probably understand the many distractions that can take away from you getting your job done. Whether you work from home full-time, are a student studying at home or an employee who occasionally works from home, here are a few tips to help you stay focused and efficient while working from home:

Schedule out your day. Sometimes I use my Google Calendar while sometimes I just write out a list of tasks by time of day; whatever your preferred method, plan out your day. If you schedule things to do during each hour of your day, you’re going to be less likely to get up and find something to distract you.

A change of scenery could do you good. If you work from home full time, you probably have a desk or workspace that you sit at all day. However, sitting in the same place for seven or eight hours straight with no people around you can get boring, to say the least. Every now and then (and assuming you have a portable work device like a laptop), switch locations. Maybe work from your kitchen table for an hour, hop over to your local Starbucks to work and get some people-watching in, set a place outside on a nice day to get your work done while you get your Vitamin D dose for the day. A new environment can freshen your mind and improve your efficiency. 

Turn off the TV! Some people I know say they can work in front of the TV, no problem. While I’m sure there are some of you that can, I definitely can’t. Some nice music for background sound is fine for me, but if there’s a good TV show or movie on, I’m going to watch it. I have a strict rule that my TV stays off during business hours so I can keep my focus to the work tasks at hand. 

These are certainly not the only ways to be efficient while working from home, but they definitely help me stay focused. However, as a general rule, limit the distractions around you, and you’ll be golden!

How do you stay focused while working or studying from home? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!

Emily Fearnley