Hello, Working Girls: Lorena and Sakura of Bloguettes

That Working Girl Meet Lorena and Sakura, the founders of blog-branding and social media education company, Bloguettes. Bloguettes aims to empower women with the knowledge and skills needed to take their brand and online presence to the next level, with traveling workshops, online learning courses and more. Read on to learn more about how Lorena and Sakura jumpstarted their company, and what it takes to run a creative business!
Q: When did you first realize that there was a need for Bloguettes, and what sparked you to begin pursuing the business full-time?
A: Both Sakura and I own other digital related businesses that we started before Bloguettes and for those businesses we pretty much had to self teach ourselves everything, in my case even graphic design. One day we decided that there are a lot of women like us trying to figure it out on their own and that is why we created Bloguettes. Bloguettes is a resource center for entrepreneurs that want to learn more about the internet so they can grow their website or business. Our biggest product right now is a two-day branding workshop – in two days you learn how to use Photoshop, social media strategy, web platforms, and branding your business in a very fun and creative environment. We also have our blog, webinars, mini workshops and we soon have online classes, all with the same purpose of sharing knowledge. 
Q: Walk us through what a day in the life is like at Bloguettes with your growing team! What is your Monday through Friday productivity routine?
A: We are so busy on a day-to-day basis that I have learned that in order to be productive, every day starts with making a to-do list for the day. That list includes all the things that need to be done for the day and also organized priorities, that way if the day is too crazy, at least the most critical things get done and we can keep moving forward. Most days include setting aside time to respond to emails, meetings with the different departments, and because we are 15 girls working together, there is always some time for fun conversations.
Q: How do you keep up with your workshop travel schedule, and what are the dream cities that you’d like to teach workshops in in the future?
A: Our workshops are so fun and so rewarding that even though we end up exhausted they are so worth it. We try to do just one workshop a month and we are lucky to have an amazing operations team that handles all the organization for all our workshops. 
In terms of dream cities, we would love to one day be able to teach our workshop in London and Sydney. 
Q: Over the last 5 years, branding and design has made its way to the forefront of the blogging world. Why do you think having a strong brand identity is important?
A: Branding and design have become critical because as readers we are all very visual, we are attracted to pretty designs and pretty pictures – the blogging world has grown so much that you really need to stand out to be able to compete and succeed. Your brand is what you represent, so having a consistent, strong, and well-developed brand can be your biggest asset when trying to reach out to potential clients, advertisers or partners.  
Q: For other women looking to jump into a full-time creative, entrepreneurial endeavor, what would you top three pieces of advice be before making the leap? 

A: I would tell them not to overthink it – if you have and idea that you are passionate about just jump into it and do it! Once you decide that you will have your own business you have to work hard, be patient and just keep going. You create your own luck and your own path if you really want it you will get it.Keep up with the ladies of Bloguettes on social on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!