Working Girl How-To: Think Positive, Stay Inspired


That Working Girl Life sure has a way of getting you down sometimes, doesn’t it? We all have our ups and downs, but through my experiences, it always seems like the less positive I am, the more downs I have. A few years ago I made it my mission to keep positivity around me. This helps me focus my mind on those ups in my life, both professionally and personally. When you think positive and focus on the good things, great things happen around you. Here are a few ways that you can surround yourself with positivity and inspiration:

Make a Pinterest board of inspirational quotes. Usually when I’m on Pinterest, I’m looking for new recipes and fashion tips. More recently, though, I’ve been particularly interested in the graphic quotes. I made myself a Pinterest board just for these inspirational quotes. I pin new items about once a week, but I always feel inspired after a good inspirational pinning session.

Keep an email folder of positive feedback. When it comes to work, some of you may get positive recognition from your boss all the time, while some of you may not. Either way, creating an email folder to save copies of any emails you receive with good feedback is a great way to stay inspired at work. A mentor of mine recommended this to me, and I’ve been saving positive emails to a folder every since. While I don’t often (if ever!) go back into that folder to read those positive emails, just knowing it’s there full of wonderful words about me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Download an app for daily inspiration. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android, or some other app-friendly mobile device, I’m sure you can find a great app to download for daily inspirational quotes. The one I use (The Inspirational and Motivational Quote app from iTunes) alerts me every morning at 8:15am to check my quote of the day. That way, I get a nice reminder to stay positive each day as I’m getting ready for work. 

Make a physical inspiration board for your workspace. There’s nothing better than getting a little old school with your inspiration. In high school, I used to cut out words, phrases and pictures from magazine and make dream boards that covered my bedroom walls. Now, I’m doing the adult version of that, and it inspires me every day. The backsplash of my home office is covered in printed inspirational quotes from my Pinterest board and Instagram photos of my friends and family. This environment keeps me positive no matter what the work day throws my way.

 These are just a few ways that can help you maintain a positive outlook on life. Staying positive keeps you inspired, which will impact you both professionally and personally.

What do you do to stay positive? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!

Emily Fearnley