Balancing Your Career and Freelance Job


How to Balance Your Career and Freelance JobHaving a communications career allows one to network with many people, often leading to freelance opportunities. By working in media relations for a university, I have connected with media professionals and alumni small business owners. This opened a side job in freelance writing as well as bringing social media, branding and public relations help to small businesses. All of this is done outside of my 8-to-5 “salary” career!

Managing a career and maintaining a freelance business on the side – while great for more experience and money – can be demanding, however it is possible to correctly balance it all, most importantly without over stepping your boss’ precious time! Remember, man-hours must be kept separate.

Maximizing Hootsuite/Facebook scheduling post tools are what I live by. I can schedule everything out to be published weeks in advance and it looks as if I have been posting daily on clients’ pages. But in actuality I am working hard at my 8-to-5!

Desk calendars, planners and “to-do” list are my best friends. Yes, I still use my handy dandy smartphone for appointments, but writing things down to cross off is fulfilling. Writing and seeing it on paper helps organize my time management on each project. Color-coding helps categorizes projects too.

Balance the time properly and be aggressive! Calling in the to-do list, please! Devote each day after work to one client or project. I like to focus on one freelance job a time, whether it’s an article or social media campaign, to perfectly produce a finished product. I aggressively attack the project in the time allotted so I can properly pitch my clients. I firmly believe in setting deadlines earlier than actual deadlines. That way, you are always on time. I am so glad I have a friend in coffee to keep me going strong!

Erin Fulbright