3 Things I Learned From #GIRLBOSS


That Working Girl

After an embarrassingly long hiatus from allowing myself to sit down and get cozy with a great book, receiving an iPad for Christmas was what prompted me to channel my inner bookworm and get back to one of my favorite pastimes in early 2015.

Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS was the first book that I downloaded, and I was immediately hooked! I had heard loads of chatter about the book as soon as it came out last year, and as I'm prepping myself for future entrepreneurial endeavors, I decided that now was the perfect time to read the book that I'd heard so much about.

I finished the book in 4 nights. It was a fast-paced, information-packed read, with hilarious and insightful anecdotes about how Amoruso's humble eBay business became a fashion empire. Even if you aren't pursuing a career in fashion, #GIRLBOSS is incredibly relevant for any woman who knows deep down – or not – that she can't work for anyone other than herself. Without further ado, here are the top 3 things that I learned while reading #GIRLBOSS:

Pay attention to detail – it matters way more than you think. I found it incredibly compelling when Amoruso detailed how many hours and how much planning went into getting just one of her eBay listings live. Unlike other sellers, she styled the vintage pieces that she was selling, selecting the right models and putting thought into the descriptions of her products. Giving this sort of attention to detail to your current full-time gig or side passion will always pay off. Go the extra mile and personalize your blog, ensure that your entire online presence falls within your personal brand, and pay the extra money for professional-quality business cards and beautiful head shots for your profiles. These little details signal that you take yourself seriously, and others will take you seriously as well.

Don't waste time doing what you don't love. Amoruso made it clear multiple times in her book – if she wasn't completely enthused by her work, she left it in the dust. Now, I'm not saying that you should quit your job every time you face a challenge or difficult season – those hardships are often opportunities to grow in disguise. However, be honest enough with yourself to know when to throw the towel in if your current job simply isn't working out. A few red flags? Crippling anxiety when thinking about work, regularly crying or becoming outwardly emotional on the job, not maintaining your own life or identity outside of work, and constantly dealing with negative self talk that is imposed by work. Life is simply too short to be miserable for 8+ hours a day.

Make creativity a priority. Time and time again, Amoruso also mentioned how being able to create – whether it was a photography collection or a clothing line – brought her happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Oftentimes we think of being "creative" as being able to paint, sketch or play an instrument, but that isn't true. As working women we can be creative in myriad ways: pulling together an interactive PowerPoint like never before; being creative with our words in proposals or pitches; creating our own logos and online presence. Think outside of the box when it comes to creativity – the odds are you're creating way more than you think.

Have you read #GIRLBOSS? What did you think of it, and what were your key takeaways? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl! Nab your own copy of #GIRLBOSS on Amazon here.