Working Girl How-To: Goal-setting for 2015


That Working Girl2015 is here, and with a fresh year typically comes a slew of New Year's Resolutions that are only built to break – "work out every morning before work," "don't eat a single carb this year," "lose X amount of weight by X." All of these unrealistic vows can be detrimental when we disappoint ourselves by not living up to our expectations.

Rather than setting resolutions this year, I've carved out 5 tangible goals for this year, which I aim to work toward every day. I limited myself to 5 – why? Because I want to be realistic. I want to lead by example by setting goals that I know I can reach. And I also want to be held accountable! Here's what I hope to accomplish this year:

• Goal 1: Research, meet mentors and learn as much as possible about starting my own small business. • Goal 2: Be more intentional in all relationships – this is really what matters most. Meet new friends in my new city. Say "yes" more. • Goal 3: Treat That Working Girl as a business, not a hobby! Stay focused, stay organized. • Goal 4: Travel with intention – experience will always hold more value than tangible things. • Goal 5: Invest in yourself. Healthy living, continuing to learn and grow.

My best piece of advice for goal-setting in 2015? Limit your goals to an attainable number. If three major goals is a more doable number for you, cap it at that. There's no use in competing or comparing yourself to others! My second-best piece of advice would be to reach out to a mentor or friend who can hold you accountable. Will they check in on you every now and then to see if you're running those 5 miles that you promised yourself each week? It's always great to have a loving team on your side who wants to see you succeed.

Happy 2015, and I hope you reach all of your biggest goals this year! What are some accomplishments that you hope to attain this year, and how are you working toward them? Leave your thoughts in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl