Hello, Working Girl: Mallory Hight of Mallory Dee Designs

Mallory Dee DesignsI'm happy to introduce Mallory Hight to the TWG Community today – another wonderful Denver creative who I have had the pleasure of meeting over the last couple of weeks! Mallory's new business, Mallory Dee Designs, focuses on floral and event design. She combines for love for her home state with her creative talents to put together a beautiful, unique product for her clients. Learn more about her creative entrepreneurial adventures below:
Q: When did you first come up with the concept for Mallory Dee Designs, and how did you begin building your site and brand? What challenges and successes did you face along the way?
A: I've had a love of working with flowers since I was a teenager - I would do arrangements for friends here or there and did my sister's wedding in college. After college I have had a few friends ask me to design their weddings and slowly but surely it became very clear that it was my path. I was lucky enough to work for women who have critical taste and happen to be amazing teachers. These women showed me what it meant to have a sense of style, vision, and how to stand up for what I think. The confidence and knowledge they instilled in me consistently proved to me that I could create beautiful events from top to bottom.
My website and brand came easily once I saw my vision. I have highlighted some of my favorite work and what I truly love to do. As I grow, I am excited to see my brand develop with me.
The biggest challenge I have faced is time. I am growing my business while working for some amazing women at The Entertaining Shoppe and Prall Marketing. This means that no time is off-limits.
Successes - I feel like every step is a success. I believe strongly in celebrating so every time I take another step, I try to remind myself how big it is (even if it may be tiny). This makes things like getting a meeting with a potential client feel great and booking a wedding feel amazing.Mallory Dee Designs
Q: How has living in Colorado influenced your work, and where do you look to for creative inspiration?
A: As a Colorado native, I feel like this state has influenced every part of me. My love of nature, plants, and beauty means that Colorado makes my heart beam constantly. Their are specific places in Colorado that amaze me - the test garden in Fort Collins, the Oval at CSU, Grand Lake, and the Black Canyon to name a few.
In terms of finding creative inspiration, I could write about this all day because it comes from everywhere. Sometimes it is a conversation, something I see in nature, online, truly anywhere. I am inspired when someone takes a flower, pattern or color I don't normally gravitate towards and makes something stunning. My family owns a hardware/sporting goods/housewares store and I constantly find inspiration there - I see something utilitarian and want to make it interesting and have a life as something unexpectedly beautiful.
Q: Walk us through what a day in the life for Mallory Dee Designs is like – what are your best tips and tricks for staying focused during an otherwise crazy work week?
A: My favorite days are design days - when I get everything I have been planning for in my hands and get to create, but not all days are like that. Most days I am working on proposals, meeting with potential clients or partners, pricing, finding inspiration, sourcing items, working on styled shoots, delivering arrangements and marketing myself.Mallory Dee Designs

Q: How do you stay organized while working on large-scale creations for weddings and important events?

A: To keep organized I make plenty of lists. I try to start my day with creating a brand new list and going from there. My other trick is sticking to systems. If there is anything I have learned, it is create one system and hold strong to it. My creative side keeps telling me to make something new or come up with a better way to do it but usually, the way it is set up is for a reason, and it can work. I have a system for pricing, proposals, marketing, etc. and I try to stick to it religiously. This takes the worry out of it and keeps me focused on the creative aspect of event and floral design.

Q: What advice would you give other working women who are interested in going out on a limb and starting their own creative business?
A: Because I am new in my business I can say one thing confidently - find people who will be on your team and grow you. Find the friend who wants to talk about ideas, find the person who can give advice when you're in a pickle - find mentors. They will be your biggest fans (and who doesn't want fans) and can help you right when you need it most.Mallory Dee Designs Keep up with Mallory and Mallory Dee Designs on Twitter, @MalloryDHight, and on Pinterest. All photos courtesy of Mallory Dee Designs.