8 Signs That You Might Work in Social Media


Slide1After nearly hitting my two-month mark of working in social full-time (oh, how time flies), I've definitely gained valuable insight into the industry and what makes social media managers tick. Without further ado, here are 8 signs that you might work in social, too: Your phone dies. Every. Single. Day. – The upside of this situation? Your friends totally adore you, because they can count on you to always be the friend who brings her charger along with her. You don't do this out of responsibility, but necessity.

Cafes, stores, etc. without wifi are the worst – At this point, you're apologizing to your parents in advance for singlehandedly draining the data allocation in your family plan. But the job must get done!

You lurk every new Twitter follower for your clients – You never know who could be the next social brand ambassador for your brand!

You're consistently having to prove to your non-digital coworkers (and friends) that you don't just 'play around on The Facebook' all day – If only you could amp up the snark and ask them to decipher your latest Facebook Insights and Sprout Social metrics.

Scheduling tools are your godsend – But really. Can't we just automate everything?

Weekly content calendars become the bane of your existence, but are also super helpful – Two tweets, one Facebook post, three curated pins and one Instagram per day for seven days of the week?! Blasphemy! Not even trying to do the math there.

You're still fuming that the new Instagram update didn't include a toggle feature for accounts – Really. No words.

You're prone to a nightly Facebook/Twitter/Instagram scrollfest under the covers at night – What? You're just being thorough!

What are your habits as a social media manager? We'd love to hear them! Leave your thoughts in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!