Hello, Working Girl: Sara and Jen of Hello Fearless


Jen_and_Sara Have you ever wondered what it would be like to empower and motivate women toward their dream careers...full-time? Enter Sara Davidson and Jen Ong of Hello Fearless, a movement that is determined to create a world of unstoppable women. We already can't get enough of the site's amazing mission and useful resources, and we're confident that you'll be sold on Hello Fearless after reading. Without further ado, learn more about Sara and Jen's fearless journey in entrepreneurship!

Q: What are both are your professional backgrounds, and what inspired you to launch a brand and movement like Hello Fearless?

A: Both of our backgrounds are pretty varied. Sara started in PR/advertising, then spent years in marketing building major brands, consulting with tech startups and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs. Jen has done product and business development for a variety of companies. We’ve pretty much determined that it was fate that brought us together.

What inspired us to create Hello Fearless is that we were that girl. The girl who had big, bold dreams, but didn’t have anyone to relate to. The girl who had been told “no” a million times but still persevered even when she was uncertain of how things would turn out. The one whom people have told that she couldn’t do it. That her dreams were too crazy. That she wasn’t good enough. That she wasn’t everything that she knows she’s capable of. The girl whom all her life or somewhere along the way, people or someone told her it wasn’t possible to have it all. And eventually, we listened to our inner voices that told us to be done with the status quo, go for our dreams and decided to live life outside of the traditional “box.”

We believe that entrepreneurship is more than just having a successful business, it’s about building an incredible life. We believe that you should live life on your own terms and in order to do that, you need to understand yourself first. And most of all, we believe in being fearless enough to go after whatever you want in life and to stop apologizing for being you. We were sick of seeing extraordinary women sell themselves short on their dreams and their own power – which is why we created Hello Fearless as a movement to create a world of unstoppable women.


Q: What would you say are the biggest challenges that you face running your own business, as well as the biggest perks?

A: We’d say that one of the biggest challenges is always maintaining a fearless mindset, regardless of what challenges or obstacles you inevitably run into as an entrepreneur – and certainly during your first few years of business. At the end of the day, all that matters is the unwavering belief that anything is possible and that you can make it happen. And that there are no failures, because every seemingly “bad” thing, in fact, always ends up being a great thing in the end. So when you get that – along with being relentlessly passionate and grounded in the “why” behind your mission, purpose and business – it’s next to impossible not to make your dreams happen.


As for one of the biggest perks, it would have to be the ability to really make your vision come to life, and to wake up every day being wildly obsessed with what you’re doing, while being surrounded by other ridiculously creative, talented people. We always joke that entrepreneurship is make believe come to life, because it is. You can dream up any big idea you’d like, including the impact you want to make in the world, what your role in your company is, what your ideal day looks like and every other aspect of your life – and as an entrepreneur, you have the complete freedom to turn that vision into reality.


Q: Walk us through what a day in the life at Hello Fearless is like – high-energy and full of coffee, I’m sure!


Haha it’s definitely very high-energy and caffeinated, but we also like to add two other very important components...lots of wine (Sara) and chocolate (Jen) :)


In all seriousness, it’s safe to say that no two days are EVER alike. There are days in which we’ve been heads-down working separately on our own tasks, days where we have the entire team jamming on a huge marketing campaign or product launch, and days that we decided to just say “screw it” and spent the afternoon playing Cards Against Humanity over a long lunch of burgers and beer. The fun part that comes with being able to dictate our own schedule is that you get to embrace the ebbs and flows it takes to be creative, energized and productive, all while having fun. While we have definitely spent our fair share of late nights at the office, we also strongly believe that the working process itself should be fun, so we make a point to balance our crunch-time sprints with activities like impromptu dance parties or relocating to a bar to work for the day (and that’s the legit truth).



Q: For professional women looking to embark on their own entrepreneurial venture, what are the three non-negotiable skills that she must have under her belt first?


A: These may not be skills, but these are definitely things that we think every entrepreneur needs to have:

• An innate belief that the best things in life don’t come from living in your comfort zone • A community of passionate, non-judgmental, driven people who believe in you • An ongoing curiosity and the belief that life is a beautiful experiment


These three things are so essential to personal and professional growth. We’ve learned firsthand these hard lessons, and that’s what we recommend to all of the amazing women in our programs.


Q: Where do you see Hello Fearless a year from now, and what are your biggest wishes for your inspiring, women-centered brand?


A: A year from now is a loooong way away, but we do have a plan. And secrets. But here’s what we’ll say…

With a mission to create a world of unstoppable women, we’ll be going global and expanding our brand and product offerings to meet the needs of ambitious women all over the world. By then, we’ll have built our much larger Dream Team (some virtual, some in the same location), will have announced some major partnerships with other big players in our space (think financing, education and more), and will have launched many other initiatives and programs to help women become fearless in not only business, but all other areas of their lives. It’s going to be a huge, momentous year for us and for all women, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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