Monday in the Know: October 27

monday_10_27Happy Monday, Working Girls, and welcome to our last installment of Monday In The Know for October! What a month it has been – we want to hear all about what you've accomplished in and out of the office this month. Tweet us your highlights at @HeyWorkingGirl! In the meantime, enjoy these must-reads this morning: • 4 Mistakes I Was Making on My About Page (And How You Can Fix Them!) - For any savvy blogger, having a strong and accessible about page is key for allowing your readers to get to know you better. Katelyn Brooke brings us the top 4 mistakes of About pages and how we can fix them in this great and helpful article.

• Trick to Try: Set the Scene With Art - As we're on our own journey through the world of DIY, we've found that Rue Magazine has the best of the best when it comes to quick and easy decor tips. The latest installment of their tricks to try at home include setting the scene with eye-catching art – we love it! Read on more here.

• Are You Media Literate? - Let's face it – media literacy is important in an age where sensationalism runs amuck in news stories on daily basis. Darling Magazine brings us an important article on making steps towards being a more media-literate individual in a world of mixed messages and 24/7 broadcasting.

• Katie Taylor's Austin Texas Home Tour - An adorable Austin, TX home with a touch of quirky flair – need we say more? You're going to love this home tour and feel completely inspired after reading!

What are you reading this morning? Share your reads with us in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!