Monday in the Know: October 13

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It's that time again – Monday! How was your weekend, Working Girls? I popped into a Starbucks around the corner before work to share the great articles that I'm reading this morning, that you might just enjoy as well. Have a great start to your week!

• Embracing the Interim – Darling Magazine always has great content, but their recent post on "embracing the interim" and coping with the ebb and flow that life sends our way is a must-read. This article brought me immense comfort, especially in my own season of growth and change.

• Laid Off? Here's How to Make the Most of Your Time Between Jobs – Unfortunately, lay-offs happen, and some of us (me included!) have been in the sticky situation of getting back on our feet after the hurt and disappointment of losing our jobs. Career Contessa's helpful guide gives us great tips on how to stay up-beat and bounce back after a layoff!

• Facebook, Pinterest, Box Team Up on Mentorship Program for Women in Tech – Some of the greatest social media giants are teaming up to provide women in tech a mentorship program, giving them the tools and education to thrive in the industry. How great! Read the full story on Mashable here.

• Grown Up Girl: Email Etiquette  – The lovely Megan of Chasing Pradas and PR is schooling us on something that we sometimes can forget – proper email etiquette! Although we're accustomed to rapid-firing emails to clients all day long, brush up on her helpful tips to ensure that your email skills are up to par.

What are you reading this morning? We'd love to check out your must-read articles! Leave them in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl. Have a great start to your week!