Editor's Note: My First Week as a Social Media Manager

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset After my whirlwind month of moving, getting settled in Colorado, landing a job in Denver and moving yet again to be closer to my job, I'm happy to share that I'm finally feeling a little more at peace as this week comes to a close. Today marks one week of me living in Denver, and it also marks the end of my first week as a Social Media Manager!

After managing social for brands over the last couple of years – whether during internships or as contract work – I knew that I wanted my next career move to heavily involve social media and digital marketing in a full-time capacity. I also knew that I wanted to remove myself from agency work – after two back-to-back stints with advertising agencies, I wanted to be able to hone my focus in on a solitary brand, rather than five unrelated clients, at a time.

I learned that a leading boutique hotel in Downtown Denver was seeking a Social Media Manager, and immediately jumped at the opportunity. As they say, the rest is history! After my first week on the job, here are a few things I've learned:

Content calendars are you new best friend – use them wisely! Before managing social full-time, I had a habit of plugging tweets into Hootsuite the morning I wanted them to go live, and I would post content to Facebook on a whim (ie. for That Working Girl). However, now that I am managing the digital presence for a large-scale brand, I've truly learned the importance of creating a reliable content calendar. Now, I curate content a week ahead of time to plot out within detailed calendars for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, content can be tweaked at the last minute if need be, but I feel secure in knowing that I'm covering all of my bases for the week to come.

Pay attention to your metrics. Facebook Insights, Iconosquare for Instagram, Analytics for Twitter and Pinterest Analytics are all very important free tools for measuring the success of your social media campaigns and content. Measuring metrics has actually been one of my favorite parts of the job so far! I thoroughly enjoy comparing my current metrics to weeks prior – I'm already witnessing an increase in community engagement and growth on all platforms associated with the brand. A big part of my job also entails weekly metrics reporting on all of these platforms – if you're looking to master the art of being a Social Media Manager, get ready to master your Excel skills!

If you're at your desk all day, you're doing something wrong. Although I do spend the better part of my day at my desk, I make a point to get up and walk around the hotel for 30 minutes or so each day to snap photos for Instagram, chat with fellow staff about upcoming events and specials, and to continually familiarize myself with fullness of the brand that I am now managing and representing in the digital realm.

Know who your competitors are, and go a step above. Another great things that I have learned the first week on the job is the art of competitive analysis. No matter what brand you're managing on social, you will have a competitor who is trying to make waves in the digital realm that are bigger and more dynamic than yours. It's important to keep a pulse on what kind of content your competitors are producing, and to keep up the pace on your on social media accounts. A great tool that I've discovered within Facebook Insights is the "Pages to Watch" tool, which allows you to select the pages of competitors to watch – you can even see their page's performance metrics against yours!

If you're a Social Media Manager as well, what valuable takeaways have you learned on the job so far? I'd love to hear your success stories! Leave your thoughts in a comment below, or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl.