Working Girl How To: Networking in a New City

Working Girl How To: Networking in a New City

Since moving to Colorado two weeks ago, I've made a conscious effort to immerse myself in my new city and make as many professional connections as possible. As hard as it was leaving my robust and reliable networking in Atlanta, this big change is only pushing me to make the most out of my career and this new life experience!

If you've recently relocated to a new city or are considering making the move to a new metropolis after graduation, below are a few tips for successfully networking within your new city and building an amazing networking in no time.

Don't be afraid to send an email – Looking back, some of my best friends and professional connections have been initially established by sending a friendly email to compliment them on their blog or service. While getting a feel for your new city, if you stumble upon a blogger or professional in a role that you admire, don't be shy to say hello via email and introduce yourself! As I've always said, the worst thing that can happen is an unreturned email. Why not give it a shot? I'm a firm believer that emails lead to coffee, and coffee leads to wonderful friendships.

Research upcoming events - Another great way to connect yourself to your industry in a new city is by attending industry-related events. I've had great luck searching for PR and media-related events on Eventbrite and local city pages – you never know what great cocktail networking event might be waiting around the corner!

Appropriately hashtag and geotag on social media – As crazy as it sounds, appropriate hashtagging your social media posts in the first few weeks you're in a new city can lead to amazing connections. Recently moved to NYC? It wouldn't hurt hashtagging your social media posts with #NYC or #NewToNYC your first few weeks in town. You never know what can happen!

What are your best tips for establishing connections in a new city? Share them below in a comment or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl