Working Girl How To: Curating a Pinterest Presence for Your Blog

Pinterest for blogging We've all been there - staying up until the wee hours pinning away eye-catching a stylish images on Pinterest, in hopes of curating the perfect board that will strike envy in the hearts of social media aficionados everywhere. Or maybe that's just me! Regardless, curating a strong Pinterest strategy to coincide with your blog is integral to driving traffic and attracting a new audience to your most coveted content.

We're bringing you a few of our best tips for strengthening your blog's Pinterest strategy while amping up your' blog's unique brand and creativity.

Create a board solely dedicated to your content. One of the best and easiest ways to drive Pinterest users directly to your blog is by creating a board that is solely dedicated to sharing and promoting content exclusive to your blog. For example, our "Seen Only On TWG" board pins images from content published regularly on the blog, driving curious Pinterest users straight to our site.

Pin content from like-minded bloggers. A way to catch the attention of other bloggers in your niche is by following and pinning content from other blogs that you admire and are inspired by. If you're a beauty blogger, search for beauty blog-related Pinterest boards and pin away! As for us, it isn't unusual to see pins from sites like The Everygirl, Levo League and Career Contessa - all are sites in the same vein of That Working Girl that we admire very, very much!

Diversify your boards. A great way to grow your Pinterest following is by diversifying the content that you post to your boards. Sure, your blog might be fashion-focused, but that doesn't mean that you can't throw in a DIY or foodie board when your heart desires! Keep your boards fun, fresh and authentic - and your following will build on itself.

What are your best tips for using Pinterest to promote a brand or blog? Leave your tips in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl! Make sure that you're following That Working Girl on Pinterest here.