Monday In The Know: August 18

intheknow0818Happy Monday, Working Girls! Make your first day back to work after the weekend a little sweeter with our hand-picked articles below. They're all great reads, and we're confident that you'll feel fully inspired by their words. Happy reading! • 4 Ways to Fuel Confidence in the Workplace - whether you're just entering your first job or you're a seasoned manager, this piece by The Everygirl is a great reminder of what it takes to fuel good vibes and confidence in the workplace.

• Burger King is Getting 380 Tweet Every Minute for Chicken Fries  - talk about a dynamic social strategy! This AdWeek piece  chats up BK's success in the social media realm regarding their crowd-favorite chicken fries. Fingers crossed that we strike social gold like this someday!

• How to Not Let Debt Control Your Life - let's face it - recent college graduates have to deal with debt more often than not. This insightful, vulnerable article in Darling Magazine reminds us that we are not our debt, and how to overcome debt in an efficient manner.

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