Hello, Working Girls: Megan Elliott and Lauren Price of Adorn Media Group

Adorn Media Group HeaderPhoto: Johnny Cheng Photography

Meet Megan Elliott and Lauren Price, the fabulous and media-savvy founders behind Atlanta-based Adorn Media Group. Although their business is new, these ladies aren't newcomers to the digital game - they both also run successful blogs Lush to Blush and Fashionably Lo. Read on to learn more about how to thrive as a blogger and business owner, and how to build a rewarding media empire. Q: Tell us a little about each of your backgrounds in blogging, marketing and PR.

M: I started blogging a little over two years ago. I was writing for an online magazine and it folded. I missed writing every day, so my best friend suggested I start a blog. It just clicked. I never took any courses on marketing or PR, so everything I know has just come from a lot of trial and error!

L: I started Fashionably Lo a littler under two years ago as what I thought would simply be a creative outlet for all things fashion. As 'that girl' who loved taking Instagram pics of her outfit every morning, it just made sense to amp it up a bit and share my take on affordable fashion with a larger audience - and I've loved every crazy moment of it. As for my marketing background, I went to school for Communications and have had the opportunity to not only utilize my PR know-how in the non-profit and agency worlds but also as a tool for expanding my blog and personal brand!

Q: When was the idea sparked to collaborate and launch Adorn Media Group, and what was your business development process like? M: It all happened very organically. We met in March and our first experience together consisted of planning a sponsored trip to LA. We worked so many deals and Lauren came up with these really strategic and specific plans for what we could do for our sponsors via our blogs. We made a good team and had lots of fun doing it. One day I was thinking about blogging & sponsorships and told Lauren she should start a business that offers both PR & blog campaigns. With Lauren's PR know how and my blogging expertise, it just made sense. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were business owners!

L: Like Megan said, we became fast friends and it all started on social media! After working together on a smaller scale and getting to see each other's strengths, it just seemed natural that we should team up to put those skills sets to use. After several planning and brainstorming sessions over coffee (and/or wine!), we just went with it. We both posses this crazy drive and passion so developing and executing our plan was such a fun process!

Q: When it comes to taking on clients, it's smart to be selective. What types of brands would be a good fit to work with Adorn Media Group?

L&M: We focus on fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Adorn Media Group also works to empower women, so we love female small business owners! In addition to supporting women (both through blog and brand audiences), we are excited to work with those who categorize themselves in the 'niche' space.

Q: Do you think that being based in Atlanta, GA will help propel Adorn Media Group? Our city is still so up-and-coming!
M: Absolutely! Atlanta's creative community is so supportive, I don't think there's any other place I'd rather start Adorn. We have everything here and with such a wide range of business owners, bloggers and creators. There is a ton of potential for some pretty amazing collaborations. We can't wait!  

L: As a girl who grew up right outside of the city, I could not be more excited to launch Adorn with the support of my hometown! Like Megan said, Atlanta has this huge community that we hope to engage and I think there are so many opportunities to collaboratively shine a light on the capitol of the south.

Q: What is your best piece of advice when it comes to working with clients?

L&M: Public Relations is a client-service business so it's always important to find out what's most important to the brand and then develop and execute strategies that support their goals. Does that mean 'Yes' is always the answer? We think the best approach is always having an open line of communication, finding a middle ground and ensuring both the client and our agency are able to succeed.

Q: Where do you see Adorn Media Group and its clients a year from now?
L&M: We definitely want to be a national agency. We'll keep that boutique feel, but with a wide, national reach we'll be able to work with a great group of bloggers and ensure our brands receive the exposure they deserve.

 Interested in working with Adorn Media Group to launch your brand? Learn more by visiting their site, and follow the ladies of Adorn Media Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram