Working Girl How To: Long Distance Job Searching

Header As if job searching wasn't intricate enough, for those of us who are looking to relocate for our dream job or simply the next step up in our career journey, the long distance job hunt may seem next to impossible. Fear not, Working Girls! We’re bringing you a few savvy tips that will make the remote job hunt a little less painful.

Research companies you admire and make a list. A great way to streamline your job hunt is by researching and making an organized list of companies and agencies that might be a great culture fit for you in your future city. In your list, be sure to include the name of the agency, their specialty, HR contact info and the titles of any open positions that you’re interested in applying for.

Introduce yourself to the industry. The great thing about relocating for a job is the fact that you’ll get to experience the media industry in a new place, and you’ll witness how it’s similar and different than the city you’re originating from. After making your list of companies and agencies that you admire, send a short note to the company’s primary contact email introducing yourself and noting that you will soon be entering the industry in said city. You never know that coffee meet-up – or dare we say it – interview that it may lead to in the future! Another great way to stay in the loop before making your big move? Follow agencies that you admire on twitter and stay up-to-date on their internal and client-related news. Once you’re in town it will be like you’ve never missed a beat!

Be specific and transparent in your application. When applying for positions, be specific in your cover letter by stating your confirmed relocation date. By doing this, you won’t leave any questions in the hiring manager’s mind as to when you will be available to begin working. Providing as much information as you can and being transparent about your long distance job search will set you up for success and will allow hiring managers to take you seriously as a long distance applicant.

Although job hunting of any kind can be a strain, it doesn’t have to be. Have you ever moved for a new job? Share your best job hunting tips with us in a comment below or tweet us your tips at @HeyWorkingGirl!