Working Girl How To: Rocking Your First Freelance Job


When it comes to freelancing, there are several apparent lures: being able to work on your passion outside of your 9-to-5 (or making it your 9-to-5!), cultivating great relationships with new clients and supplementing your regular income - just to name a few.

But before you enter the freelancing world, ensuring that you're fully prepared and ready to step up to the plate is key to setting yourself up for success! Think you're up for the challenge? Read on for a few of our top freelancing tips:

• Set client expectations up front. There's nothing worse than a disappointed client. Avoid this by setting expectations up front when it comes to the timing of projects, compensation, your scope of work and more. Drafting up a contract between you and your client before starting a large project is also a great way to ensure that expectations are agreed upon before embarking on a lengthy design or PR assignment.

• Set up regular touch-base conversations. For large-scale projects that are estimated to take up to a month or more to complete (ie. web site design or a company rebranding), take the initiative to set up weekly touch-base calls with your client to keep them updated on the status of your work and provide them with proofs of your work, if necessary. They'll appreciate the transparency in the end!

Don't take on too many projects at once. Making the switch from full-time to freelance may give you the illusion that you suddenly have boundless free time to work on projects, but don't fall into this trap! When taking on new clients, it'd your responsibility to not only be upfront and honest with your business, but also with yourself. Always remember to put quality before quantity when it comes to your freelance endeavors.

In addition to these pointers, our Twitter followers provided some great freelancing advice! Check out their best words of wisdom:

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