Working Girl Goes: Interview Bag Essentials


Whether you're going on your very first interview or your fifteenth interview, preparing the perfect interview bag is key to feeling confident, secure and prepared prior to your meeting. Are you ready to rock your next interview, Working Girls? Read on for a few essentials that will help you ace your interview in no time!

1. Business card holder - There's nothing worse than blindly fishing around in your bag or wallet for those rogue business cards that always seem to find their way into the foreign nooks and crannies of your bag. Prevent this by investing in a chic and savvy business card holder, which will not only be convenient for housing your own business cards, but is also a great place to stash away cards from new contacts.

2. A small notebook - Although some are against it, taking notes during an interview is never a bad idea. Bring along a small, sleek notebook that will easily fit in your purse, along with a pen - just in case! My favorite? I love Moleskine notebooks – they are great and fit effortlessly into every bag I own!

3. Your portfolio - During my last semester of senior year I was required to compile a professional portfolio of my PR and journalism-related work, and I'm so glad that I did. A portfolio is a great asset to have for presenting all of your best work in one place. Resume, cover letter, work samples - check!

4. A small water bottle - Whether it's pre-interview nerves or post-interview chatting, don't let yourself fall victim to dry mouth! Keep a small water bottle handy in your bag for before and after your interview.

5. A versatile, professional bag - And let's not forget the bag itself! When shopping for a work bag, I always keep two things in mind: style (is it a bag that aligns with my personal style and won't be off-trend six months from now?) and function (will these straps be strong enough to allow me to carry my laptop in the bag?) Hermes' Birkin bag is an absolute dream work bag, and although I can't afford the pricy arm candy, there are several lookalike options available at retailers like Target.

What are your professional bag essentials when heading to an interview? Share your favorites with us in a comment below, or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!