Working Girl How To: Banning Your Insecurities

BanningYourInsecuritiesThat Working Girl contributor Uchechi Iroha has a thing or two to say about saying goodbye to your biggest insecurities that are holding you back from life and career fulfillment - for good! Interested in banning your biggest confidence setbacks? Read on: I’m sure that I am not the only one who constantly deals with various insecurities. Even when you think that you have conquered it all, it rears its head like an ugly demon that will not go away. Bear in mind that your fears and doubts can also be categorized as insecurities, sometimes coming in the form of negative thoughts that only depresses and discourages you. How you deal with these thoughts when they arise can definitely define the direction or career path you are willing to take in life. You can either choose to let those negative thought hinder you and your performance or you can read on and learn how to “say no” to negative thinking even before it begins.

So how do you deal with negative thinking? Below are a few tips for banishing your insecurities in your life and if you career – for good!

Change your mindset. Faulty thinking can definitely bring a person down. If you're constantly thinking negatively, you will only produce negativity. Someone once told me that in order to deal with negativity that comes your way every day, you have to have a mental waste basket. Write those thoughts down on a post-it and throw it in the garbage.

Learn to encourage yourself. Trust me – the PR world is a very busy and fast-paced environment. No one has time to coddle you; you have to learn to do that yourself. Whenever I find myself in a position where I feel discouraged, I speak to myself. I remind myself of my strengths and the qualities that make me who I am.

Face the situation – head on. If things are not where you think they should be, change them. Do not wait for someone else to bring it to your attention, notice it yourself and do something about it. Maybe you lack confidence when it comes to dealing with an intimidating boss. Set time apart to meet with and speak to them. One thing I have noticed is that people love to talk about themselves when you give them a chance. Find a way to connect with your boss and develop a mutual understanding with them. You will come to find out that he/she is a human being such as yourself and desires for you to succeed.

What are your best tips for banning your insecurities and walking confidently through your career? Leave your tips in a comment below or tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl!