Hello, Working Girl: Lisa Ng of This Beautiful Day

LisaNgHeader.jpgMeet Lisa Ng, the founder of lifestyle and empowerment blog This Beautiful Day. We recently got to chat with Lisa about all things blogging, travel and pursuing a fulfilling life! Read on to learn more about This Beautiful Day and what's next for the blog. Q: We love that This Beautiful Day hones in on the fact that the blog celebrates smart women. When you began the blog, did you have an overarching vision for it, or did This Beautiful Day change organically along the way? 

A: I knew I wanted to share the things that I loved when I launched This Beautiful Day. Two of my biggest life passions are food and travel and the blog sways heavily in that direction. But I have so many other interests as well and I wanted to share all my findings with the world, so the blog became more of a lifestyle website. I currently blog daily on a mix of other topics like beauty, style and life advice.

Q: You also have a lot of adventure under your belt! After two cross-country ventures with your husband, what advice do you have for working women who desire travel? A: Make it a priority and have a mental travel top five. Think of five places you want to visit in the world right now and keep that in the back of your mind when the time, opportunity and budget finally comes together for you. Going to Tokyo and to Munich for Oktoberfest were two dream vacations I was finally able to take. Save your money and don’t go on a vacation you only sort of want to go because it’s cheap. Prioritize your dream trip and go for what you really want! Also, start collecting points on your credit card that you can redeem towards flights. This helps me a lot budget-wise and I have become an American Express Ambassador as a result. My recent round-trip flight from LA to Tokyo only cost me $150 in taxes and of course, a lot of points.

Q: For bloggers just starting out, what would you best piece of advice be for curating content?A: Create as much original content as possible - no one else can do what YOU do. So do what you do best, don’t worry about other people. I also recommend you take as many of your own original pictures as possible because Pinterest will become one of your #1 sources of traffic. Here’s a post I wrote on my blogging essentials: My Essential Blogging Tools Another one I wrote about blog photography basics: Blog Photography Basics Try to avoid posting bad photos - it’s a competitive and saturated blog world out there, so you want to always be producing your best work if you want your blog to stand out.

Q: Think fast - what's the best piece of career advice that you wish you could have shared with your 20-year-old self? A: Always go with your gut. It’s usually right about 90% of the time. I also wrote a whole list of things I recommend as well!

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