5 Must Haves: Best PR Girl Accessories

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.02.16 PM In the public relations world, professionals should always strive to make a good impression. They represent clients in the best way possible, and should represent themselves in the best way, too! PR women can be some of the most stylish people in the working world – they work to anticipate trends and new styles. 

But what if they lack the time to shop? Some busy PR ladies spend hours and travel extensively to create their outfits. However, many can’t afford to spend that time on clothing. Luckily, there are some shortcuts to assembling a great outfit. With these top five accessories, you can spruce up your wardrobe in no time, Working Girls!

• Necklaces Necklaces complement clothing instantly, adding an extra visual design to the center of the outfit. Whether simple or ornate, a necklace will amp up your style in seconds. Bubble necklaces are one of the most chic and cost-effective ways to glam up an outfit. They're available on Etsy and in boutiques. Interested in a more elaborate necklace? Visit J.Crew's online store for a variety of choices!

• Bangles Bangles, like necklaces, are easily-accessible pieces of jewelry that fit well with most outfits. Bangles skillfully accent a dress or shirt and pencil skirt combination. Want to stock up on bangles? Check out Forever 21's 500 Under $5 promotion. Their online store offers hundreds of accessory options, including $3 and up bangle sets. Gold and silver bangle sets match well with most outfits. However, there are plenty more options for the more adventurous working girl.

• Belts Belts are a timeless addition to outfits. They completely transform a suit or dress with a simple buckle. Try turning to the belt to cinch bigger dresses, letting the dress fit according to your waist. Belts go with almost any outfit and allow women to customize an article of clothing to fit their own body. For a skirt or dress belt, visit Topshop's online store for suede, western, vintage-style, skinny and leather belts.

• Headbands Some may be skeptical about the use of headbands in a business-casual outfit. What about the length of your hair? Or the volume of your locks? Luckily, headbands are designed for all kinds of heads! Anthropologie offers a classic selection of headpieces to add a bold flare to any outfit.Their headbands include silk turbans, moroccan headbands, feathered ombre headbands and sparked fleur headbands.

• Scarves Scarves may only be seen as suitable for cold season in fall and winter. However, with the right length and material, scarves can be worn year round. Like the necklace, a scarf adds an edgy pop to the center of the outfit. Scarves should be coordinated to fit the dress or shirt underneath. Consider a solid color shirt to go with a designed scarf. Banana Republic provides a nice range of solid, polka-dotted and striped scarves. If going for the scarf, make sure to forego an ornate necklace. Too many accessories can make an outfit an unnecessary distraction in the office.

What are your other go-to accessories for completing your perfect Working Girl outfit? Share them with us below in a comment, or send us shots of your office style on Instagram using the hashtag #TWGInstaGirl!

About the Author Molly Berg is a graduate student at UGA studying mass communication and public relations. Her interests include social media, marketing research, traveling, writing and networking. Connect with her on Twitter @mollykateberg.