How To: Turning the Job You Have Into the Job You Want

jobadvice As millennials, we're committed to seeking out the greatest, most fulfilling career path, and we'll do just about anything to find it. When interviewing for jobs we take into account company culture, work-life balance and workplace fulfillment just as much as we consider our potential salary.

But what happens when the job you have isn't exactly the job you want? Fear not! There are ways that you can look at your 9-to-5 optimistically and take the initiative to steer your career in the ideal direction you see it going. Don't believe us? Read on below for three tips:

• Volunteer to take on new responsibilities One way to flex your muscles at work is by asking for roles and responsibilities that align with your passion. An example? If your heart lies in social media but you're currently working in an admin role, reach out to that department and ask them if they need an extra hand curating content here and there. It's rare to be turned down to help out, and you never know what it may lead to!

• Network within your company When it comes down to it, it's very easy to get comfortable with the group of colleagues who you work most closely with, and to forget the rest of your company. Don't let this happen! Network within your own company and become visible by attending after-work happy hours, webinars and company-wide volunteer activities. These interactions could connect you to a key player in your company who may help you connect the dots to your dream role.

• Be clear with your goals During your annual review, be clear with your manager and state your current career goals. A great boss will take these into account and work with you to ensure that, even if your role isn't aligning with your current goals, you will grow toward your ideal position.

In closing, if you've exercised all of the above and you find yourself unhappy within your job, it's time to spread your wings and look for new opportunities! A job change can be scary, but it can also lead to amazing things. Do you have any tips for attaining career satisfaction? Share them with us below!