Hello, Working Girl: Xanna Kidd of XK Macarons

IMG_1689XK.jpgPhoto by Morgan Blake Meet Xanna Kidd, the creative entrepreneur and confectionary behind delicious macaron brand XK Macarons, which has quickly garnered itself a loyal following in the Atlanta area. We got to chat with Xanna about Atlanta living, her blog Elegant Mornings, those exceptional macarons, and more. Check out the full Q&A below!

Q: For being a 20-something, you've accomplished a lot! Tell us a little about your background in baking, crafting and blogging.

A: I don't even feel like I have cracked the surface! Funny enough, my background in baking before XK Macarons is basic and minimal; a few box cakes here and there with friends in high school, maybe getting a quick batch of my favorite cupcake recipe of my mum's together, and too many failures in the oven to count. But with macarons, I was determined and stubborn, which opened the doors to a passion I didn't know existed. As for my blogging, I have always loved documenting life, and recently was inspired to find the elegance in even the smallest things.

Q: Your blog, Elegant Mornings, details your day-to-day life in Atlanta and beyond. What are your favorite parts about living in Atlanta?

A: My favorite parts about living in Atlanta is the small world in a big city. Always running into people, always surrounded by new strangers; it's so interesting to me. You could be in the same coffee shop as your childhood best friend, and at the same time an entrepreneur that you look up to could be waiting behind you in line. Another would be the food; there's never a bad list of local lunch choices, and I have to say the coffee scene is pretty killer, too.

Q: You also have XK Macarons, a wonderful baking business! When did you launch, and what pushed you to pursue that endeavor?

A: I launched XK Macarons almost exactly a year ago. I knew I was about to be leaving the job I had at the time, but didn't have another lined up, so for a little extra cash flow I posted on Facebook that I was selling macarons out of my home to anyone who wanted to buy a box. At first, it was just friends and family buying boxes, but then strangers started emailing me, I was making deliveries, my inbox had wedding inquiries, and I just figured out that I tapped into something that Atlanta was responding to. From there, with the help of friends like So Worth Loving, Plywood People, and more, I built up a local macaron business that caters to local coffee shops as well as local events.

Q: Do you have any other side projects going on right now?

A: Yes! I have a few in the making, and some still in "daydreaming" mode, but lots to come late summer early fall. Elegant Mornings things, XK Macaron things, and new things with other local Atlanta creatives. Cant wait to share!

Q: What advice would you have for other 20-somethings looking to embark on their own creative ventures?

A: Introduce yourself to a stranger in a coffee shop and talk about life and what you want to do with your creativity. This person may know a guy, or maybe he is that guy. People connecting not only builds community and relationships, but can also be the solution to the problem you're solving (Plywood People).  Be ready and accepting that there will be struggles, and there will be incredible joys; and then just do it and don't let anything stop you.

Say hi to Xanna – keep up with her creative ventures on Twitter, @XannaKidd and @XKMacarons