Anatomy of a To-Do List

ToDoHeader.jpg Oh, the almighty to-do list. Type-A Working Girls swear by them, and as for myself? I can't get through the workday without one nearby on my desk. Although I've been working off of to-do lists for years, it's only been just recently that I've actually found a setup and process that works for me. Interested? Read on to see how I set up my to-do lists, and check back tomorrow for a free download of the to-do list in the title photo of this post!

Everything is check off-able - This one is a non-negotiable. Every item on my to-do lists must have a box to check off next to it. Not only does this show me what I need to get done, but checking off a list item has gotto be one of the best feelings on a busy morning.

Date each of your to-do lists I never use to date my to-do lists, but I've found that it works wonders in terms of going back to reference what days you completed projects. I recently had one of my supervisors reach out to me regarding a deliverable deadline that they were afraid we missed. a flipped back a few to-do lists, and saw that I had, in fact, checked off that I sent out the project a few days earlier. Potential panic avoided!

• Leave space at the bottom for notes - I'm a big scribbler and notetaker, and I've found like leaving extra space at the bottom of your to-do list is a great way to keep all of one day's thoughts in one place.

• Leave space at the top for calls and meetings - Too often we rely on our Outlook calendar to shoot us reminders as to when we have meetings. Too often, also, I overlook these electronic reminders. To combat that, I make sure to make a chronological list at the top of each of my to-do lists for all of the calls and meetings that I have scheduled on any given work day. That way, I won't miss them! For conference calls, be sure to add your dial-in numbers to this list for easy reference.

How do you make your to-list work for you? Share your best tips with us below, or tweet us, @HeyWorkingGirl. Check back tomorrow for your free downloadable to-do list!