Hello, Working Girl: Lynn Lilly of Craft Box Girls

CBGHeaderLynn Lilly is passionate about all things DIY and crafting. So much so that she launched Craft Box Girls, a site dedicated to the art of crafting, sharing and collaborating on creative ventures. Read on to learn more about the brand and site, and sign up for your own Craft Box Girls account when you're done!

Q: You were inspired to start Craft Box Girls after a trip to Tokyo! What was it about your trip that brought about the idea to start the site?

A: While traveling through Tokyo I was inspired by the colors, technology, fashion and creativity that exploded from every corner of the city. At the same time I was traveling through Tokyo I was planning my wedding. I was surfing the Internet having to go to one website to pin things another to discover them and another to shop for them. I was sitting in one of the most colorful coffee shops in Tokyo when it dawned it on me that there should be an easier way to bring everything I was doing online together in one all inclusive website. As soon as I hit U.S. soil I immediately called my two most creative friends, Laura and Courtney. They instantly loved the idea and joined me in the journey to found Craft Box Girls.

Q: Getting any new project up and running is a feat in and of itself, but Craft Box Girls has successfully garnered a large following. How did you get the word out about the site once it launched?

A: We have an amazing group of bloggers who create unique content exclusive for Craft Box Girls. A combination of their entertaining blogs and their ability to help us spread the word in their communities across the country have been a key component in growing and strengthening our community. Laura, Courtney and I are constantly networking and looking for cross-marketing opportunities with other female-driven brands. We believe in working together with other start ups is a great way to strengthen our brand and build valuable relationships.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your day-to-day at Craft Box Girls - what is it like managing the site, growing its presence and working with a large and diverse team?

A: Every day is different, which keeps things interesting and fresh. Some days I am working with the web development team and designing tablescapes for photo shoots and other days I am sourcing products and merchants for our upcoming ecommerce store, and others I am meeting with potential investors and networking with other entrepreneurs. Courtney, Laura and I believe in dividing and conquering in order to be efficient. Each of us have our own day-to-day responsibilities and then certain things that we all work on together. Our bloggers are spread across the country, so we can't always get in-person meetings with everyone, but I try to send out motivational updates and get each them involved with building our brand. I am a firm believer in teamwork and Craft Box Girls will only be successful with the support of a great team.


Q: What was the process like in building your executive team of three?

A: When I originally thought of the idea I instantly knew that Courtney and Laura were the perfect fit to join the executive team and help build and launch Craft Box Girls. As we developed the concept and brand we each naturally took on roles that best suit our personalities and abilities. Courtney is a great manager and extremely detailed oriented so it made perfect sense for her to build and manage our blogger team and coordinate our editorial calendar. Laura has experience with a variety of events and works very with merchants and business partners so it was a natural fit for her to develop our event program that will take our brand offline and to lead merchant partnerships.

Q: Where do you see Craft Box Girls in 5 years, and what would you like to accomplish with the brand in the time between now and then?

A: In 5 years our goal is for Craft Box Girls to be a highly engaging lifestyle brand for women. Women will turn to Craft Box Girls for their online social and shopping needs, attend our events across the country and build their lifestyle by shopping our Craft Box Girls branded retail lines and reading our cookbooks and party planning guides. Everything we do each day is to grow the Craft Box Girls community is working toward reaching our goal of being an all inclusive lifestyle brand for women.

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