Working Girl Reads: "Welcome to the Real World"

instagram-welcome-to-the-real-worldWe’ve visited her site, adored her work, and wondered just how she holds the amazing and unique title of “The Intern Queen” – that’s right, I’m talking about career maven Lauren Berger! Her second book, “Welcome to the Real World,” (available on Amazon) is fresh off the press and I can’t get enough of the invaluable advice packed between the pages. I had the privilege of receiving an advance copy of the book, and although I don’t want to spoil the book (seriously, go pick it up after work today!), I do want to share a few key takeaways from the book that I loved. Interested in kicking your career into high gear from the get-go? Read on.

Commit to learning from your mistakes – The single most thing that I loved most about reading “Welcome to the Real World” was the fact that Lauren was completely transparent about the mistakes and struggles that she overcame during her time at her first job. Between dropping the ball on tasks and mixing up meetings for her boss, she’s been through it all – and we have been, too. Luckily, Lauren provides commentary on smart, easy ways to avoid making the same mistakes that she made during her first year on the job. Our Intern Queen is incredibly down-to-earth – how refreshing!

Stay organized – no exceptions – In one chapter of the book, Lauren’s words on organization totally spoke to me. She noted that missing deadlines and forgetting about tasks is a clear sign of disorganization. She also argues that, until you don’t miss a single deadline and are in control of your tasks, you aren’t good at your job – and I couldn’t agree more. This tough love approach really encouraged me to take charge of my calendar, inbox and schedule at work and prioritize what’s important so I don’t have to live in fear of missing a deadline. Remember: organization is power.

Leverage social media in favor of your company – I loved that “Welcome to the Real World” dedicated a decent chunk of its pages to leveraging social media the right way in the workplace. Seeing  as I’ve tacked on social media tasks to my advertising position, it’s great to know that I’m taking steps in the right direction. For all of the Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest aficionados out there – you’ll really enjoy this chapter.

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