Working Girl Must Have: BIC 4-Color pen

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine. I remember the day my mom handed me the pen that would ultimately lead to my penchant for all things color-coded and organized. Enter the BIC® 4-Color™ pen, an office staple for any Working Girl looking to keep her life organized, in order and full of color. For those of us who grew up using this classic BIC® product, I’m happy to announce that the almighty pen is making a comeback in a big way!

Thanks to the BIC® 4-Color™ pen, we’re able to tote around 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen, making for the ultimate workday versatility tool for colorful and fun expression. Keep your planner up-to-date with color coded tasks to stay in the loop with your busy life, too. How about using green to keep up with your financial tasks and blue to keep up with all of those fun plans that you have this week?

BIC® has even come up with colorful personality profiles for each of the pen’s 4 colors, as well as entertaining and creative YouTube videos highlighting the distinct personalities behind the product - check them both out here:



Talk about a creative PR and social media campaign! Check out the videos, and then see which color personality profile suits you best:

Blue – Blue is completely easy going and confident, and knows what’s important before it happens. Stay a step ahead of the game and on top of all of your impending work deadlines by penning them down in blue. We promise you won’t forget it!

Green – Green can be a little envious, but has good intentions. Green is also a foodie at heart, so while you’re Instagramming your latest meal, be sure to keep your pen handy to take detailed notes for what’s next for dinner this week.

Red – Red knows what they want, when they want it. Red likes everything to be in order all of the time – their notes, priorities, work engagements and more. Being correct and on time is what red is all about. Be sure to keep your deadline assignments and big commitments down in red.

Black – Black is a classic color and unchanging, so keep this color on hand for routine, unchanging commitments in your life.

Which color do you think you’re most like? As for me, I like to think that I’m a good combination of Blue and Red – two of my favorite colors. If you’re unsure, BIC® 4-Color™ pen’s Facebook page is here to help you decide! Learn more about all of the unique color profiles and who knows? A pen giveaway might just be in the cards for you.

On the market for new office supplies and can’t live without the BIC® 4-Color™ pen? Be sure to nab yours on Amazon or Staples and get ready to get colorful!

Keep up with BIC® 4-Color™ on Facebook, and all of the inseperable colors on Twitter, @BIC4Color. Show us your best doodles and use of your pen using the hashtag #LoveBIC4Color! 

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