PR Intern Insights: Boutique PR

BoutiquePR.jpgImage souce: We Heart It

As internship season approaches for ambitious undergrads and recent graduates, it's important that you consider your options when interviewing for your dream summer PR internship. As an alumna of boutique PR internship myself, I can't speak enough to the incredible hands-on experience that you'll gain as a intern with a small agency. Considering accepting an internship from a boutique agency in your city? Read on for a little taste of what to expect:

• You'll be a valued team member from day one - Not that you won't be valued at a corporate PR agency, but when you're working for a small team, you'll naturally be more visible. During my time interning for a boutique agency I was encouraged to voice my ideas and opinions during our weekly meetings, and had the pleasure of seeing a few of my suggestions actually put into action.

• You'll get to know your clients - When interning with a small team of PR pros it isn't uncommon to attend intimate, focused meetings with clients to assess their needs and future plans. One thing that I truly enjoyed about working with a boutique agency is the fact that I got face time with my clients and truly got to learn how to best serve their business on social media and beyond.

• You'll get to set your own pace and accountability - One of the reasons that I loved my boutique PR internship so much (and the reason why I believe I excelled), was the fact that setting my own pace to meet deadlines was up to me. Likewise, it was also 100 percent my responsibility to make sure that I met those deadlines in a timely manner. Working with a small team entails a lot of responsibility. Get ready to step up to the plate!

 Working events is always a fun learning experience - Working client events here and there is a given with most boutique PR agencies, but when you're a part of a small team, expect to do way more than working the door with a clipboard in your hand! Running social media, chatting up key media attendees, and conducting crisis management is all a part of the job – and then some. My favorite part of working events was getting to see all of the great post-event press that came rolling in afterwards. Nothing feels as great as seeing your hard work in print!

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