Working Girl Goes: Spring Travel Essentials

SpringEssentialsPost With spring travel in the horizon for many Working Girls, it's important to embark on an adventure with your important items in tow. Before I head out West at the end of April, I want to make sure that I have all of these things with me! Read below for these essentials that you'll want to bring along on your next trip

A roomy backpack - I'm a huge fan of traveling with a carry-on only, and this Ascentionist Pack from Patagonia is the perfect size for all of my clothes and items for a week. (Available at:  Patagonia Atlanta, 34 E Andrews Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305).

Stylish passport cover - Although I won't be using a passport for my next trip, having a reliable and durable passport cover on hand is key when traveling overseas.

Tieks flats - these flats are great for rolling up and storing away in your bag - just pull them out, put them on, and you'll be good to go!

A blanket - 

Loose T-shirt- I swear by traveling in loose T-shirts - not only are they supremely comfortable, but they're also easy to dress up with jewelry once you arrive at your destination and are ready to hit the town!

Lip balm - planes are notorious for drying out lips and skin, so be sure to bring your favorite lip balm along for the ride - I love EOS's mint variety!

Where are you traveling to this spring? Share your destinations with us in a comment below, or tweet at @HeyWorkingGirl!