Dressing For: Your First Job Interview

DressingForJob interviews entail enough stress as is, and wondering what you're doing to wear for the big meeting can be even more worrisome! Thanks to Macy's great selection of styles, I can assure you that you'll be all set for your interview with one shopping trip. It's rare these days that you'll have to attend an interview wearing a full suit - it's something that I've personally never had to do. After completing several interviews, I've found one no-fail ensemble that always impresses: chic pants, a sleek blazer, simple top, statement necklace and heels that are both comfortable and easy to walk in - because no one wants to be teetering into unfamiliar territory.

See below for a look that I've pulled together for Working Girls embarking on their first job interview, featuring my beloved printed pants from American Rag and a simple American Rag tee.


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