What We Love: PINCHme Sample Boxes

PinchMe Post Header.jpgI'll be the first to admit that I love a great free sample, whether it be a small vile of perfume nabbed at the mall or a complimentary tea bag in the mail. So when I heard about PINCHme, a complimentary product box full of self-selected samples, I had to learn more! Thanks to our friends at Her Campus, I got to test drive a PINCHme box. After filling out a few brief surveys on PINCHme's site to determine what kind of products I would use most, I selected the samples I wanted and they were off in the mail.

PINCHme is unique in that it offers free samples in exchange for honest, thoughtful feedback on each sample box. That way, products are fairly reviewed, and the reviewers get to try out a slew of free product. Win-win, right?

My first box was great and full of products that are great for a girl on-the-go like me. Check out a rundown of my most recent samples below, and sign up for your first PINCHme box!

Maxwell House International Latte mix - I'll admit it: I'm a coffee addict. I couldn't have been more excited when this sample was included in my box, and it's a great substitute for my go-to cup of pour over coffee when I'm in a pinch. The vanilla flavor doesn't hurt, either!

Gevalia Mocha Latte Froth Packet and K Cup - Another coffee product – how lucky am I?! Although I'm not much of a mocha or chocolate person, this Gevalia mocha mix was undeniably delectable. It's perfect to enjoy after a long workday without getting that kick of caffeine that will keep you awake all night.

Suave's Advanced Therapy Lotion - After the crazy cold winter that we've had here in Atlanta, my hands are left wind-burned and dry. Thanks to Suave's wonder lotion, aka Advanced Therapy, I don't have to worry about hiding my sad, chapped hands under my desk anymore! Bye, bye dry cuticles - see you next winter.

Reviver dry deodorant - This might just be my new favorite thing! Reviver's on-the-go dry deodorant is the perfect instant odor remover that you'll always be able to count on. Making a lunchtime trip to the gym? No worries! Simply rub Reviver's discreet pad on your clothes and hair, and you'll be good to go. Another helpful place to bring Reviver? Smoky bars for post-work drinks – because no one ever wants to go home smelling like an ashtray.

So, are you ready to sign up for your box? Visit PINCHme's site and get started! Already have a box? Tweet and Instagram your favorite sample using the hashtag #PINCHme and be sure to tag and follow @PinchMe_Now!