5 PR Girl Desk Essentials

DeskEssentials It’s no secret that the hours can be long (yet rewarding!) when working in public relations. With a cozy office desk quickly becoming your home away from home during working hours, it’s important to curate a workspace that perfectly complements you and your needs during the hectic workweek. Here are 5 essentials that you should have handy at your desk when perfecting your press releases, pitching to the media and cranking out media research:

• A 2014 AP Stylebook When it comes down to it, we eat, sleep and breathe AP Style in the media. Keeping this year’s edition of the AP Stylebook nearby will reduce second-round edits on press releases and media alerts, allowing you to feel confident and secure in your writing. What’s even better? This year’s edition features an entire section of fashion terms that will absolutely come in handy for your boutique client.

• Coffee, tea and water Why all three? Because coffee is perfect for morning, tea is great to keep your energy level up in the afternoon without crashing and water is essential. Keeping a water bottle and a stash of tea and coffee at your desk is a great way to stay energized and focused during the day without getting caught up and distracted by the water cooler. Be sure to share with your coworkers!

• Media address list Although media outlet search tools like Cision are a lifesaver for PR pros, keeping a go-to list of media outlets that you’ve established a relationship with taped to your desk will allow for easy access in a pinch. Need to book a last-minute segment on a morning show for a client? Your go-to broadcast contact should be on this list. Add names, emails and phone numbers to this list on a rolling basis as you foster more relationships with local and national media, and you’ll be amazed at how much time it saves you.

• A desk calendar Remember those huge desk calendars that your mom always used to schedule after-school practices, doctor’s appointments and dinner that you never thought you’d need? Think again. Invest in a large desk calendar to keep track of rolling deadlines, projects, events and more. Putting a reminder in your phone is a great way to keep track of upcoming deadlines, but putting it down on paper will never be a thing of the past. Being able to visualize what’s on your plate for the week will make prioritizing projects easier, and you’ll be able to pencil in upcoming client events with ease.

• A happiness folder on your desktop This one is non-negotiable, ladies. When the going gets tough in PR, it can be hard to power through and take unsatisfactory client feedback on a press release or campaign that you slaved over. Keep a folder full of emails from your boss or clients thanking you for doing a job or loving that great idea that you had on your desktop – you never know when you may need a timely reminder as to how great you truly are!