Working Girl How To: Business Cards

BusinessCardsOnce you're out in the big world of networking, work conferences and job interviews, having business cards easily on hand is a must for working women. Personally, I've gone through three batches of business cards – one set during college which marketed me as a journalist, another post-grad and now, my new, current design. As you evolve and climb the ranks in your career, your business cards will likely change. However, there are three facets of the almighty business card that aren't likely to change too much: contact info, design and branding. Contact info - how much is too much? When it comes to contact information on business cards, I've seen cards with too much and too little. It's natural to want to put as much contact info as possible and make yourself easily reachable when networking with potential employers, but this can lead to a crammed card with an overwhelming amount of info. A rule of thumb that I've stuck to that works? Put the following seven details on your card, and you can't go wrong: name, title, company, email, phone, website URL, and one social media outlet (I always opt for Twitter!).

Commit to a design that works for you. Not to get branding confused with design, choose a design that works for you when it comes to creating the perfect, personalized business card. Love a vertical orientation rather than a traditional horizontal layout? Go for it! Does a letter-pressed business card strike your fancy? Try it out. Choosing the perfect design scheme will make the branding step of building a great business card that much easier.

Brand your card to be uniquely "you." Branding your business card may be hardest part of the process, but it will undoubtedly be the most rewarding. Brainstorm color schemes, fonts and a logo that captures your personality before getting down the the nitty gritty design work. In the past I've perused Pinterest for inspiration and have come across several great ideas! If you aren't design-savvy, enlist a friend or freelance designer to come up with a few mock-ups to choose from for your cards. You're sure to commit to one that you'll love.

I've printed my business cards with Overnight Prints, and I've been nothing but impressed! Start off with a batch of 100 cards, and reorder as necessary.

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