Hello, Working Girl: Doris Hobbs of Rich in Love Fashion

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.32.36 AM Meet Doris, style-centric blogger at Rich in Love Fashion and 9-to-5 fashion industry maven. We got to chat with the trendsetter about her daily work routine, how she began working in fashion and her best bits of advice for fellow bloggers looking to showcase their unique personal style. 

Q: What is your background in fashion, and when did you know that you wanted to pursue a fashion-influenced career?

A: From early childhood I believed I was destined to do something extraordinary, as the universe has put me here to create words along with fashion that would inspire others. I had always yearned to do something at a creative level that would combine literature along with my growing attraction to the fashion industry. Uncertain if this growing attraction would flourish, I perused a major in photography, journalism and literature composition. Over the next ten years I found myself employed at a number of premium retail based retailers, subjected to multiple facets of the industry. It wasn’t until I began a position as an in-store visual merchandiser, creating wall and window displays. I slowly began to feel like Kim Cattrall’s character Emmy, from the movie ‘Mannequin’.

Q: What is your day-to-day like during the week, work-wise?

A: I currently hold a 9-to-5 position in a corporate environment where I am able to stay business minded while I maintain a classic, yet feminine profile. I typically work a full day, with some evenings ending at Stoneridge Shopping Center, as I currently hold a position as their official Style Setter. Other times, I can be found writing along with conducting one-on-one interviews via email in my at-home office. From writing and marketing Rich in Love Fashion I have created a life that consists of the very thing I adorn, fashion & literature.

Q: Coffee of choice to keep you going through the day?

A: I have never been a huge coffee drinker, but you will find me indulging in a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher at Starbucks from time to time.

Q: What would you say your biggest professional accomplishment has been thus far, and what steps did you take to get to that point?

A: I live by a Latin phrase which is seen as figurative, “Omnia causa fiunt” which can be translated to “Everything happens for a reason.” With a term that means there is always an explanation for occurrences that have happened, this has become a powerful symbolic truth to my everyday growth as a working woman. With a number of accomplishments in my life, I find it difficult to name one. Some of my recent successes revolve around the development of richinlovefashion.com as I have adapted a keen sense of writing with a goal of connecting the community to the retailers.

Overcoming personal doubt of failure from past events, has given me the direction to perceive a life of positivity and success. One will never have the life they were chosen for if they continue to have doubt of their own abilities – I’ve forced myself to look in the mirror and expose to the world the truth of who I am and what I tend to portray for others to see.

Q: Where would you like to see Rich in Love Fashion a year from now, and what are some of your best bits of advice for fellow bloggers?

A: Since the beginning I have always treated Rich in Love Fashion as a marriage, which can be seen as the strongest connection I have ever possessed. The path I’ve taken has given me an authentic truth with the chance to fulfill a career as a fashion journalist or perhaps an editorial writer. The direction I have taken building this empire connecting both the community to the retailers will continue to grow stronger this year. I could never see myself without Rich in Love Fashion as it can be seen as my sole purpose in life.

Given the opportunity in life one should always seek their true potential. The best advice I could give to one seeking their aesthetic is “If you don’t allow yourself to try, you have failed”. I have come across this phrase while doubt has crossed my mind with the thought that if I try I have not failed.

Q: What is your go-to statement piece to wear in the workplace?

A: With a wardrobe of a Working Girl that is a blend of sophisticated and casual motifs. My go-to statement piece is one that promotes a classic, feminine profile and silhouette which I play off with fabrics, textures, and accessories that are as practical as they are beautiful. From a classic sheath dress, to the subtle vintage touches of a pendant, brooch or scarf I tend to wear pieces that showcase an enriched history of an era gone by.

Connect with Doris on Twitter, @Doris_Hobbs and on check out Rich in Love Fashion on Instagram!