We Love: Top 5 Free Project Management Apps

AppsHeader.jpg Learn how to organize your work and home life with these project management tools for the 21st century.

Between a chaotic work life and an even busier personal life, to-do lists are our real best friends. If it weren’t for sticky notes and modern day to-do apps, we would be running in circles (probably very unproductive circles). These five project management apps are perfect for keeping us organized and efficient - for free!

Any.Do Task & To-Do List

Anydo Image Source: Any.Do

This project management app is an award winning to-do list. Their modern design makes for an attractive app to store your tasks in. Their interface offers stunning visuals, a beautiful display and a great way to organize your day. Email, calendar, tasks and notes are essentials this app includes.


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Do you have members of your team working from all over the country? CatchApp is for you! Keep track of each feature and update your team using their “Monitor” feature. If Charlotte needs to take a day off, you are able to instantly see the request, same with Jackson’s document update. The “List” feature is another great tool to help manage and organize everyone’s projects. Using folders, notebooks and tags, the Lists make it easy to locate that super important project update.


wunderlist Image Source: Wunderlist

Busy work and home life? Wunderlist to the rescue! Over six million people use Wunderlist to organize their entire life with and once you try, you’ll understand why. Plan for your dream vacation, while planning for tomorrow’s office meeting using the same tool. The best part is that you can share and access your to-dos from anywhere! Pull up your grocery list at Trader Joes and then head home to go over your cleaning to-dos.

Merlin Project Management

Merlin is as basic and straightforward as it gets. Track your progress, issues and results using Merlin 2.7. Keep track of your time management using their calendar feature, as well general project management. This tool is great for planning an upcoming event or campaign.


fieldlens Image Source: FieldLens

Whether you’re at the job-site, on your way, or still stuck in traffic, communicate with all of your coworkers from one database, FieldLens. Using your smartphone, tablet or Web, you can stay connected to each employee by checking into the same database. This tool is especially great for contractors, designers and subcontractors because it offers solutions for any construction project team. Your scribbly job site notes will be transformed into actual observation reports and photos. These reports can be instantly sent to the whole team, client or just saved for documentation. Non-users have full access! FieldLens also offers access to a custom-filled newsfeed, offering the updated information you need to accomplish and monitor your projects.

About the Author: Ashley Ward is a Social Media Specialist based in San Diego and contributes regularly to PerSei Apartments blog.