Working From Home – the Right Way

WorkFromHome.jpg Thanks to hyper-connected offices and coveted flexible work schedules, working from home – either full-time or on an as-needed basis – is a reality for many Working Girls. Although the reality of making the three-step commute from your bed to your home desk may seem alluring, there are a few important points to consider before taking the plunge and working from home. Check out a few of our best tips for ensuring that your working hours are the most productive – even if you never leave the house.

Set a routine that works for you – One of the biggest perks of working for home is the fact that you simply have more time in the morning. Without a commute, the extra hour before your workday truly begins can be used for working out, reading, catching up on errands or taking care of household chores. Be aware of this extra time for yourself and use it to your advantage; find your rhythm and set a morning routine that works for you, whether it be by blogging or chilling out with an hour of yoga before opening your inbox.

Get dressed – Although it may be tempting to hang out in your oversized sweater and fleece leggings all day, taking the initiative to get dressed and look your best will work wonders for your workday. If a client calls for a coffee meeting, you'll be prepped and ready to go in no time!

Just say no to social media – Without your boss looking over your shoulder while you work, it can be easy to have Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all open during the workday. Although checking in during lunch isn't harmless, being connected on social media all day can be distracting and can quickly steal your attention away from the tasks at hand. If you're really dependent on social media? Give yourself a 5-minute break here and there to check on your accounts, but no responses until the end of the workday!

What are your best tips for working from home and maintaining a productive workflow? Tweet us at @HeyWorkingGirl or leave your tips in a comment below!