Working Girl Stories: Jessica Sisk, Fashion Apparel Rep

Header Hello, Working Girls! It is with great excitement and a grateful heart that I have the opportunity to introduce myself to each of you. My name is Jess, 26, and a Tennessee native who moved to New York City to pursue my dream. I'm currently in the process of re-launching my e-commerce shop as creative director, perfecting the details of my personal brand, hopefully becoming a consistent voice on personal style and the dynamics of the fashion world for each of you here at TWG, and I just accepted a new position as an apparel showroom rep with a label based out of LA. My goal is to share a little insight into my industry as I travel, provide each of you with the necessary information you need to dress the way you want to be perceived, and ultimately, share my journey as a creative professional.

As long as I can remember, I have been addicted to the art of dressing. This goes so far beyond what most people consider. Sure, it feels great when you love your ensemble, but what about the proven effect it has on your performance? What about first impressions with prospective employers? What about the confidence boost? What about one of the oldest forms of self-expression? And it doesn't stop there. The garment industry is one of the oldest and largest global industries. We're talking big bucks toward the global economy and an abundance of jobs worldwide. There are a lot of social stigmas surrounding the fashion industry, and some with good reason. However, I do believe in giving credit where it's due. This industry has been providing a lot for quite sometime. Nonetheless, I have always been crazy for all of it, and since I was a little girl, I have been immersing myself in any available information that was relevant and was within reach.

I started playing dress up – when I couldn't dress myself, I dressed mamas, papaw, the neighbor, friends, etc. Fast forward to my teenage years, and I was destroying my bedroom walls by cutting up September issues and covering them in the Spring Collections, interviews of Julie Gilhart, and Anna's letters to her readers. I wanted to be surrounded by the things I loved, and back home in Tennessee my options were limited.  I started college at East Tennessee State University in the Spring of 2007, studying Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Merchandising. I took a break, worked, saved, and traveled a lot, then started taking online classes through the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC – my dream school. Fast forward a little, I travel more, get a dog, then meet the man of dreams who gave the courage and unconditional love that made me brave enough to finally move. We Working Girls may be strong and smart, but sometimes it takes a little nudge. I interned at a luxury boutique in Soho, worked as a showroom rep, and somehow managed to squeeze in lunch and a dog walk before I had to head to a job bartending/serving to pay rent. It was so worth it.

Now that I have moved out of my beloved city, I have opened an e-commerce boutique, began development of my personal brand, established relationships with bloggers, manufacturing firms, private labels, and continue working as a traveling showroom rep. Personally, I still manage to take the pup for a walk, commit wholeheartedly to my relationship, and have cocktails or coffee with my girlfriends. We're still in the process of looking for a new city to call home, growing, learning, and always working.

For the new year, will be providing you with all the information on what buyers are picking up for the coming season, trend forecasting, and doing my best to help you really develop a personal style that is cohesive to your personal brand!

To keep up with Jessica, follow her on Twitter, @MissJessicaSisk!